Arts and Amusement

Activities Banned by the Puritans:

Horse Racing, cock-fighting and bear baiting
Any gathering of people without permission
Drunkenness and swearing
Theatre going, dancing and singing
Games and sports on Sundays even going for a walk
Visiting brothels
Many public houses were also closed down

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Puritan Life Style :

All amusement is serious work. A drawing-room entertainment meant hard work for servants. The Puritans` life style was very strict and most of thier amusing activities were considered a sin. If the Puritans were caught doing any of those activities they would be severly punished.


Church officials generally stated that the theatre contains violent and vile actions that encourage sexual immorality and impure actions, but still royalty faithfully agreed to their favorite playwrights and actors.


  • Puritans liked recreation and dancing got special attention from the orthodox
  • Dancing is allowed at rare occasions
  • An older person dancing with someone younger is also considered a sin, and is not tolerated

  • The court ordered that no one that owns a resturant can sell alcohol because of the past abuses

  • No person is allowed to play games of shuffle-board, bowling, or any other game in their house because these entertainment took peoples time when they should be working.
  • If people are caught playing these games, they will be punished by getting beaten




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