Clergy and the Church

Government and Law

Crime and Punishment


Shelter, Attire, Food, and Health


Arts and Amusements


The Case of Anne Hutchinson and Other Cases of Insubordination

Native Americans, Africans, and Indentured Servants



The Decline of Puritanism (The Eighteenth Century)


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Due Tuesday, February 23rd

The handout in the link below was taken from the book Daily Life in Colonial New England, by Claudia Durst Johnson. Over vacation, actively read the information. There are 14 sections to the handout:

  • The Doctrinal Foundation of Colonial Life
  • Relationship to the Church of England
  • The Rise of Puritanism
  • Covenant Theology: The Nature of God
  • The First Covenant
  • The Fall
  • The Consequences
  • The Covenant of Grace
  • Justification
  • Preparation for Justification
  • The Inner Journey
  • Questions about Doctrine
  • Pertinence of Doctrine to Daily Life
  • Decline and Enforced Toleration

For each of the 14 sections of the handout, you must write one short reaction. Each reaction should be at least 3 sentences long. You can react to simple facts, something you're confused about, something that makes you angry, something you can't believe, anything! A reaction is your opinion; all I ask is that every single reaction relates directly to the work. I don't want to hear about reasons you don't like the assignment. This assignment will count as TWO homework grades, one for active reading and one for reactions.