Anne Hutchinson
Who: Anne Hutchinsonexternal image neng16.jpg
  • Born: July of 1591in Alford, England
  • Died: September of 1643
  • Immigrated to Massachusetts in 1634
  • Banned from The Colony of Massachusetts in 1637

What: Banned from the Colony of Massachusetts
  • She questioned the ideas of the Puritans in Massachusetts
  • She would hold religious meetings in her own home
  • She was then charged on hersey and banned from the Colony of Massachusetts

When and where:
  • She immagrated to Mass in 1634
  • She was a leading citizen in Boston in 1636
  • Anne was banished from the Massachusetts Colony in 1637

Why and How:
  • She was banished from Massachussetts because she was holding prayer groups and the authorities were alarmed that someone could know gods will
  • When she was banished, Anne Hutchinson and her 60 followers moved to Rhode Island and later to New York

‚ÄčOther Cases of Insubordination
  • Thomas Walford - fined "for contempt of authoritie"
  • Phillip Ratliffe - "uttering malicious and scandalous speeches against the government and the church of Salem". He was ordered to be whipped, fined, have his ears cut off, and was banned from the colony
  • Henry Lyn - whipped and banished for writing letters back to England that were critical of the colonial government.
  • Mr. Batchelor - was warned to seize his "contempt of authority", among other things.
  • Thomas Dexter - was set in the stocks, disenfranchised, and fined "for speaking reproachful and seditious words against the government here established, and finding fault to diverse actsof the court, saying this captious government will bring all to naught, adding that the best of them was but an attorney".
  • Ensigne Jennison - was fined for "upbrading the court with injustice, uttering these words: 'I pray God deliver me from this court.' "
  • John Lee - was sentenced to be whipped and fined for "speaking reproachfully of the Governor, saying he was but a lawyer's clerk, and what understanding he had more than himself; also taxing the Court for making laws to pick men's purses,"
  • William Knop - called before court for publically critisizing the governor.
  • Katherine Finch - was whipped and imprisoned for "speaking against the church, magistrates, and elders."
  • John Underhill - was banished for "verbally abusing the court."

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