The Decline of Puritanism
Jonathan Edwards
Jonathan Edwards

  • John Owen and followers
  • Jonathan Edwards
  • Jonathan Edward's sermen. "if a person sincerely desired salvation and let God know this, God will look upon him or her favorably. There is now something a person can do! A person can call God’s attention to himself or herself. People can now do something to affect salvation. It is no longer God alone acting!"
  • New England
  • The Colony of Massachusetts
  • Late 1600's,
  • Early 1700's
  • Jonathan Edward's sermen was supposed to make the Puritian way stronger, but what he said made some people turn away.
  • The Delcline of Puritanism can also be blamed by the way the Puritans lived in a close colony and kept to themselves. When many other cultures were starting to explore the west and move away and discover the frontier, the Puritans didn't because they lived "closed lifestyles". Many Puritans didn't like this causing them to move away and abondon the Puritan way of life and survive more on "individualism", and "self reliance".
  • Another reason for the decline of the Puritans was because the Puritan life became too demanding. The later generations started to lose a lot of interest in the religious way of life, and by the 1700's the religous leaders lost all control on the Puritans.


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